Giriraj Nature Care Bags – Naturally Yours – Our Love For The Environment

Giriraj Nature Care Bags has also given Jute and Cotton bags to schools in Kolkata when the school used to celebrate “Earth week” in their aim to spread awareness about not using plastic bags as they are not eco-friendly and non biodegradable.

Giriraj Nature Care Bags has also planted saplings to augment greenery in nearby localities and in their own factory.

Giriraj Nature Care Bags is an Eco-friendly company and has set up an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) in their own factory for the proper disposal of printed contaminated water and waste material and to maintain hygiene in the working place.


Welfare Of The Employees – The Backbone Of Giriraj Nature Care Bags

Our process of production is absolutely eco-friendly and the employees are strictly instructed to wear masks and gloves during work for their protection and this is done to maintain proper environment which is absolutely hygienic for the other employees as well. For the safety of the employees, machines such as Emergency Eye Wash station in the printing area have been put. We have both male and female workers working in our factory. There are separate washroom facilities for the same. There is a canteen set up in our Factory Premises for the benefits of workers.

The employees are also provided with Mediclaim facilities. They are also covered under Employees’ State Insurance where medical and health insurance is at their disposal. They are also covered in Provident Fund Scheme. Giriraj Nature Care Bagsfollows the law of land in paying their workers the minimum wages.

Giriraj Nature Care Bags allows its employees freedom to make association and to join trade unions of their choice to bargain collectively. Giriraj Nature Care Bags is strictly against child labor and follows the same.


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